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MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) is the core of maintaining and protecting the value of a building. Crafters commits to employing expert technicians with specialist knowledge, and subsequently supplementing this human capital with continuous training and improvement ensures deep trust from our clients.

We have technicians that are not just experts in any one of the functional areas, but also in various sectors. This means they could handle trades like Electrical and Plumbing together through the professional experience they have acquired throughout their facilities management career. So, as an example, our clients are likely to have a team of electrical engineers with experience working in the Fire Alarm sector looking after them, rather than just multi-purpose technicians. This is only possible because of our scale and experience which is one of the many reasons that prominent and reputed clients in Qatar choose Crafters for their ultimate MEP Solution.

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Any complex mechanisms require regular attention to avoid faults. Common mechanical elements that we need to pay particular attention to are the pumps, ventilation systems, and air conditioning units. Failure to provide adequate preventive maintenance can lead to issues with the provision of chilled water, low water pressure, and a lack of fresh air being distributed within the client’s facility. This is why it is essential to have a competent and experienced FM team onboard.

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Incorrect wiring or an outdated panel can weaken power to lights, overload your system, destroy appliances, and present a dangerously unsafe environment. Crafters is able to mitigate this risk with a thorough preventative maintenance program and sufficient on-site presence to be able to react quickly and appropriately if needed.

Our expertise includes maintaining distribution boards, control panels and capacitor banks as well as lighting panels. We are also able to offer specialist solutions for our clients including maintaining aircraft warning light panels, monitoring diesel generators, and setting up automatic transfer switches for critical functions.

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The provision of high-quality and very reliable water service each and every day is an essential requirement for any facility. Water can only be distributed effectively among faucets, showers, toilets and other delivery outlets if delivered with sufficient pressure. Crafters establish these minimum pressure and flow rate values and ensure that they are consistently attained, even during peak demand, when multiple plumbing fixtures are being used simultaneously.

In case of internal plumbing, we also take care of drains & gutters, sewage pumps, sump pumps and rain water drains.


We as an ISO certified firm guarantee you to give prompt service and quick response to your enquiries we receive, be it through phone or email.

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