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Soft Facility Management 


Crafters is provider of soft facilities management services. We provide a comprehensive range of soft FM services including all types of cleaning, manpower supply, and specialized solutions. As a leading service provider in the industry, Crafters meets the international standards for its services with its ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and ISO 9001 certifications. Our constant pursuit is for better service and customer satisfaction

Our stellar performance is the result of an excellent solutions and services that we provide, and for which we have earned the trust of some of the largest and most prominent clients and organizations in Qatar.

Our people are at the heart of everything we do. We invest in their continuous professional development, and we ensure their comfort with exceptional living arrangements. We believe in ethical behaviour and diversity and we have a dedicated team to work on employee engagement

We are committed to being a facilities management company that adheres to sustainable environmental practices in delivering our services. We leverage technology and innovation to enable those practices and to increase the efficiency

Sift manag
interanl and exteranl
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Internal & External Cleaning


We clean and maintain the internal spaces of facilities to ensure a perfect working and living environment for inhabitants. We have specific knowledge and expertise in every sector which allows us to deliver value-added services to our clients.

Our highly qualified and trained team follows industry-standard procedures and uses advanced equipment to deliver internal cleaning services with a consistently high level of quality.

  • We use colour coded cleaning to preserve hygiene and avoid the spread of germs.

  • Our cleaning materials are made of microfiber cloth which helps in eliminating waste by using less cleaning solution. The microscopic microfiber also helps in boosting hygiene as it removes 99% of dirt and germs.

  • We preserve air quality by avoiding the use of aerosol-based cleaning products.

  • Our vacuums use HEPA and ULPA filtration to capture microscopic dust and allergens and leave three times fewer particles in the air.

  • We make sure to use green chemicals and biodegradable products to produce a minimal ecological footprint


Pest Control


We take care of all your pest control requirements through our team of qualified professionals who are approved by Qatar Municipality. We operate using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) model which reduces the risk of pests developing resistance to treatment and avoids over-reliance on chemicals.

  • Our team can handle all types of pest control and treatment requirements across different industries.

  • We can handle special requirements from certain sectors such as fumigation for manufacturers, traders, and logistics companies, and termite control for the construction sector.

  • We operate up to the highest standards of quality to ensure effective control and treatments while avoiding risks to the environment and human health.

  • We are committed to using green products to produce a minimal ecological footprint

pest control
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Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfection


Our team of experienced technicians are trained to clean domestic and industrial water tanks of all sizes – ensuring that your water sources are free from harmful bacteria such as legionella. We also facilitate all approval processes, giving our clients the peace of mind that comes with a true turnkey solution.

  • We take care of inspection, estimation, and microbiological testing.

  • We conduct regular testing every six month or as per your need

  • Our process is fast ensuring the least disruption to your operations.

  • Our process is fast ensuring the least disruption to your operations..

  • We make sure to use green chemicals to produce a minimal ecological footprint.

Water tank
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Garbage Chute Cleaning and Disinfection


Our professional technicians are specialized in cleaning and disinfecting garbage chutes in residential and commercial buildings.

  • We eliminate the residues that accumulate on the inside walls of garbage chutes

  • We control odours effectively and reduce the health risks for the occupants of your building

  • We make sure to use green chemicals and biodegradable products to produce a minimal ecological footprint

carbag chute
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Kitchen Duct Cleaning


Commercial kitchens are prone to rapid build-up of grease which poses a number of hazardous risks including fire and public health risks not to mention the adverse effects on performance. We can guarantee peace of mind for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and any facility that has a commercial kitchen through regular maintenance and cleaning to prevent all types of risks associated with kitchen ducts.

  • We take care of regular deep cleaning of kitchen ducts down to the bare metal – eliminating all built-up residues of hard fats and heavy carbon deposits

  • Our team of experienced professionals are well equipped and trained to handle any situation no matter the difficulty.

  • We make sure to use green chemicals and biodegradable products to produce a minimal ecological footprint

kictcan duct

We as an ISO certified firm guarantee you to give prompt service and quick response to your enquiries we receive, be it through phone or email.

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