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Fire Detection/Alarm Systems


Early detection of fire is the best protection you can put in place to be able to prevent fires from spreading and minimize the damage.  Advanced fire detection systems are equipped with sensors and detectors, control panels, and alarms. Control panels in particular play a critical role because they process the signals from the connected fire detectors and trigger the necessary actions in real time. High-quality control panels are modular and flexible, and they can enable structuring in a way that saves time and makes the system easier to maintain.

At Vision Safety we provide some of the best fire detection systems in the world including the BC600 series which features a powerful processor and a large number of integrated functions to ensure topmost efficiency and speed. Our services include supply, installation, and maintenance for any building regardless of its size or type.

Emergency and Exit Light Systems


Emergency lighting is a key safety requirement in every commercial and residential building, especially during blackouts. Central battery emergency lighting systems feature emergency and exit lights that are powered by a central battery as opposed to the mains or self-contained capacitors. On the other hand, self-contained emergency lighting systems use self-powered luminaires which may be suitable and cost-effective for smaller buildings. In larger buildings or multiple buildings, the central battery system provides for easier maintenance, cost-effective operation, and centralized management

At Vision Safety we provide a wide range of central battery / emergency lighting solutions that cater to every building or unique requirement.

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High Pressure Water Mist Systems


High pressure water mist systems are now widely used in firefighting for their effectiveness and efficiency. At varying levels of pressure, water mist systems can do everything from creating a fire suppressing fog to a water-efficient alternative to traditional sprinklers. High pressure water mist systems are also environment friendly and cause minimal damage to the property when used

At Vision Safety we supply, install, and maintain high pressure water mist systems for facilities of any size and type.

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Fire Extinguishing Systems


The FM200 continues to be the extinguishing agent of choice for modern fire suppression systems because it does not generate any toxic or reactive products which may cause damage. The FM200 is also environment friendly as it does not contain any bromine or chlorine and therefore it has zero Ozone Depleting Potential. The FM200 is safe for use in occupied areas and suitable for protection on a range of high value risks.

At Vision Safety we design, supply, install and maintain FM200 gas suppression systems for all kinds of facilities, and we can adapt existing Halon/CO2 systems to use the FM200 gas.

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Fire fighting Water Sprinkler Systems


Fires that go undetected for a while are known to have the worst amount of damage. Water sprinklers are one of the most critical components of a firefighting system as they combat the fire in its earliest stage before things get worse. Automatic sprinkler systems detect, control, and extinguish fires in place while warning the occupants and managers of the event. Sprinkler systems include a number of key components such as control valve sets, fire pumps, sprinkler heads, water storage tanks, flow switches, pressure switches, pipe work and vales. It’s mandatory to ensure that every component is installed properly and functioning flawlessly.

At Vision Safety we supply, install, and maintain effective firefighting water sprinkler systems for buildings of all sizes and types. We offer customized solutions tailored to your case and needs to ensure the highest level of fire protection for your property


We as an ISO certified firm guarantee you to give prompt service and quick response to your enquiries we receive, be it through phone or email.

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